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Saturday, 10 December 2011


dunno what to update, actually. .
just want to write about myself. .hee:)

  • okay. .so  im the 2nd child in my family,

so, i always and always and always get picked by my older ( and younger) sis,

#feel like Greg Heffley
sometimes. .
meet  Greg Heffley>>
  • tend to be shy   (and over-shy, sometimes ),
  • had obtain some rare genes from my ancestors, (maybe)
that makes me the Odd-One-Out in my family. :'(
plus, people always thought im the eldest due to my fashion style :'((

want examples? ?

  • my other sisters are slim and can fit in any clothings, but me. .
. i had to think twice before buying clothes due to my, er, big bones, ,

  • have a quite chubby face,
  • have dry and sensitive skin that needs extensive care (why meeeeeeee?)

# nak rojak kejap la:p

mmg salah untuk fikir yang diri ni xde klebihan langsung.. (except melukis)
tapi kalau memang tu kenyataan. . 

pleasee mint .. dont hate yourself:(
adui.. camne ni, ,
sem baru da nak start, tp kyakinan diri hilang lesap:(

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