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Thursday, 29 December 2011

malaysian-korean stars:)

who says Malaysians cant be like one of those Korean Stars? ?,
(well, unlike Max24:7 n Gula2, you're totally fake :p you can even dance right, oh pleaseee~)

here is the proof:

one of their youtube vid: :D (see? Max 24:7? they dance better than you. )

believe it or not, they are Malaysians, :)

they are quite fond with Beast i think,
seeing how they dance, haha:)

search them on youtube to see their dance,

Re-Do FC facebookpage:  link

unlike this:


<-there are 4 muslims, but, well, i dont recognize which one.

and this. .

Max 24:7 :

1 word,


cant wait:DD


my Maybank2U had been activated:D

so,, i decided to buy something that is in my wishlist:D

the thing i wanted... 
is this  ~:D


the usage:  to look cute and warming:p

i ordered black, not brown :) hope it will fit:)

yupp, a jacket,:D

a furry, cute, bear ear jacket:D

hope it will arrive safe and warm :3

p/s: hope my mom doesnt know:p 

a memorable day,
as this is the first time i buy online, by myself:)

from facebook:)

Seorang Lelaki Kristian Bertanya Kepada Seorang Lelaki Muslim,

Lelaki kristian : Kenapa wanita agama kamu menutup aurat ?

Lelaki muslim : Tersenyum sambil mengeluarkn 2 biji gula² di dlm koceknye, Lalu salah satu darinya dibukakan bungkusannya..kemudian dia melemparkan kedua gula² itu ke atas lantai..lalu bertanya kepada lelaki kristian "Antara kedua-duanya mana satu yg kamu akan pilih?

Lelaki kristian : Sudah tentulah yang masih dalam bungkusan.

Lelaki muslim : Begitulah kami melihat dan menghormati kaum wanita agar mereka lebih terpelihara dan istimewa. ♥ :)

comments: hope i can be a better muslimah in 2012:)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Top 10 reasons WHY you should date an ARTIST :p

credit to:

Artists are compassionate, have an unmistakable zeal for life and can find beauty in almost everything — quite the catch, huh?!
But how does an artist convince someone outside the art industry that beneath their paint-stained clothes, crazy work stories about clients with bad taste and the nasty stereotype that artists are moody and brooding, that there’s a great partner there?
That’s where we come in.

1. They’re Passionate!

old time lovers
Everyone knows that passionless relationships are (yawn) boring. And because of this lack of delightful excitement, most times they’re doomed to crash and burn.
Maybe it’s the fact that artists are always looking to be inspired or share in the beauty of everyday life — but as long as you’re with a creative type, you’ll never again have to worry about a relationship that lacks passion, brightness or love. Artists are brimming with these awesome traits.

2. They’re Smart

smart college woman graduate
Along with sense of humor and good looks, intelligence ranks at the top when it comes to desirable qualities in a mate. Artists have to take countless art and technique classes and MUST think on their feet all day solving everything from client issues to fixing an art piece gone terribly wrong. If you’re dating an artist, you can be pretty sure you aren’t dating a dummy.

3. You’ll Inspire Them and See Your Own Reflection in Their Work

art life
Haven’t you always wanted a floor-to-ceiling portrait of you and your cat atop a plush velvet pillow?
Of course we kid — except maybe some of you have received such a treasure. Lucky you. The point is, artists are always looking for their next muse. Hopefully your relationship sends your other half filling blank canvases with reflections of you or better yet, how you make them feel.

4. They Make Their Own Hours

out to lunch sign
If your lifestyle caters to it, the odd hours can be an advantage. Are you stuck working the graveyard shift every Friday? If you’re dating an artist with the same irregular schedule, Mondays can become the new Friday. Say goodbye to long lines at the movie theater and the 45-minute wait at your favorite restaurant.
At the same time, an artist’s schedule can leave you with plenty of alone time while they’re toiling away in the studio. Not everyone wants to cuddle with his or her sweetie 24/7. For people who like a little alone time to read a novel, hang out with friends or work on your own art projects, dating an artist can be a good way to have your cake and eat it, too.

5. They Have Great Stories

young couple date telling story
Whether they work at a gallery, as a freelance illustrator or at a web design firm, artists can come across some pretty silly situations. Artists deal with strong (and wrong) client opinions, people with fantastically bad taste or bad critiques from know-nothings on a regular basis.
While some of those situations may be tough on the artist you’re dating, they can lead to some pretty entertaining stories for you. Be a listening ear and help them laugh off the tougher stuff.

6. They’re a Great Pictionary Partner

Prepare to make all your friends jealous because with an artist by your side, you’re set to dominate.
Whether you’re drawing Humpty-Dumpty, a tree house or Meryl Streep, your partner’s superior illustration skills will make Pictionary way less cryptic and infinitely more fun — although we can’t promise your friends will feel the same. Aw, we almost feel sorry for them…

7. You Might Get to See the World

Dating a traveling artist?
Their nomadic lifestyle could give you the opportunity to travel, see, and live in new cities. Life on the road isn’t always easy, but for the right person, this could be a dream come true. Some people would give anything to get out and see the world with someone they love!

8. Their Creativity Usually Extends
Beyond the Canvas

creative finger painting
Is there REALLY an explanation needed here? We’ll let you think about it.

9. They’ve Got Mad Skills

It’s so important to notice the talents, gifts and genius of your significant other. Not many of us can pick up a pencil, paintbrush or Wacom pen and create awe-inspiring work. He or she is incredibly gifted and that’s super sexy. Make time to appreciate their abilities, compliment them and support them in growing their passions and skills. We bet they do the same for you — that’s how it works!

10. Artists Rock!

valentine heart with hand
Last but not least: Who WOULDN’T want to date an artist?
They‘re amazing! Becoming an artistic professional is no easy task and these individuals have persevered through thick and thin — and probably still are! You can feel good knowing that the artist you’re dating is creating a lot of happiness in this world just by doing what they do – even when they aren’t with you!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

searching back my childhood. :)

even my sister felt weird when i keep download and watching those 90's cartoons,


so i just reply to her, ,

im searching my childhood, back.
i want to complete the broken memories ,
of stories i don't know how it ends..
as it keep being a mystery throughout my life,
until now.

why dont you try searching ur past back?
its fun, actually:)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Toy Story 3 touches my heart:'3

ever wonder where your toys had gone? o,o

after watching this, i always wonder if my toys do talk behind my back XD
its pretty hilarious, to think about it again..

still, this movie bring a lot of tears,

especially the scene where Andy gave Woody to Bonnie..(i miss Andy when he is small :( )

even i feel the hard and sad feeling of letting my toys go. . >.<

but we grow up through time.. and well, it's time to move on :'o

but, ,i miss my toys ,barbies, polly pockets, . . .
though i'm 18..

p/s:  Andy is soo handsome when he is 17 years old:p


-->i know, i know, ,
although im 18,
my mind is not matured fully yet:p

i hope im not alone :)

in case i ever forget:) "The Little Mermaid: Marina's Song"

the lyrics:

When a mermaid comes of age she begins a different kind of life,
Childish games are left far behind, she prepares to be a bride,
Her schooldays are in the past now, her heart becomes her new guide,
It will portal the way to love eternal,
Wisdom only comes with time,
The road to love is paved with broken hearts,
If I am to reach my goal, I must stake everything,
In my true destiny, no matter what the price..

Far away I hear the call of the heart that sings a song like mine,
It's melody draws near and suddenly we're in perfect harmony,
I know it beckons to me from the land that's not from the sea,
Yet I know I must follow wherever it leads me,
Wisdom only comes with time,
The road to love is paved with broken hearts,
If I am to reach my goal, I must stake everything,
In my true destiny, no matter what the price..

Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid

found it:D the long lost memories :'))
so happy:DDD words cant express my feelings. . :')

i watched this when i was in Manchester, when it was a VHS. .

this movie really had a deep feeling inside my heart,
as the mermaid died in the end..


died in the end..
she cant bear to kill the prince, although the prince he loved,
loved somebody else
so she jumped into the sea,
and turned into foam . .

 (unlike Disney's 'happily ever after')

the real deal is:

through this movie,
i learned that even a pretty one, cant get true love in the end,,

this is totally related with real life. .

a comment from a youtube viewer:

"I think Disney made a huge mistake when making a happy ending to the little mermaid. 
It's just my opinion. I think it kind of ruined the original meaning of Hans C. A.'s moral of the true story. 
Regardless of if the ending to the Disney version is better suited for kids & obviously happier, 
Hans C.A. would have wanted children to know that when it comes down to love,
love is very unfair & painful & not everyone lives happily ever after.

Not even a pretty & gentle princess with kindness & beauty"

the sad musics in the story still ringing in my ears>.<

Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid

a scary and annoying moment =,="

THOUSAND THANKS to 'someone' that hacked my blog last night.

thanks to you, my traffic suddenly increase, hahha:P

is my security really that low? ?suckss?  0.1%?

i even used a super-duper hard password:O


but thanks too bcoz you had given my blog back,
a kind hacker:p

Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to "Blogwalking" <--mystyle, okay?

there are many styles of blogwalking (maybe),
and you maybe have your own,

but this is mine, teehee:)

1. 'SMARTTAG' style :p

- i click on a blog link,
scroll up and down until my eyes roll..
then laugh@cry@vomit@ [whatever]
if done, just leave :B

((but i don't always use this one, this is blogwalking LIKE A BOSS :3 ))

2. 'TOUCH n GO' style :pp

-i click on a blog link,

scroll up and down until my eyes roll  [again]..
then laugh@cry@vomit@ [whatever]
leave a message @ comment @ link at his/her blog,
if done,  leave :B

3. 'who is the LUCKY one?' style :pp

-there are 2 methods for this one:)

1. use the touch n go style,
after leave message @ comment @ link at his/her chatbox,
click on the lucky person who had already commented at his@her chatbox,
then repeat, and repeat, and repeat the steps again :3

--(i favor this one:DD) 

2. after checking my own blog, 
(well, see the 'NEXT BLOG' button on top of your blog?)
click on NEXT BLOG, and see who is the lucky blog next :3
but, i always get some (lucky) weird blog,
 well,just sometimes.,
no offence, okay:)

p/s: this post is stupid, actually,
im bored.  :(

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

.||. ||.

♥ SEKUAT mana saya SETIA...
♥ SEHEBAT mana saya MERANCANG...
♥ SEJAUH mana saya MENUNGGU...
♥ SEKERAS mana saya BERSABAR...

~♥> Jika ALLAH Tidak Menulis Jodoh Kita Bersama...Kita Tetap Tidak Akan Bersama
~♥> Tiada Yg Kebetulan Melainkan Semuanya Telah Dirancang...
~♥> Dan Sebaik-Baik Yang Merancang Itu Adalah Allah s.w.t..

PMR result is going outt:DD

wishes the best of luck to all 2011 PMR candidates . .

tomorrow must be a big day right :)
i assure you will not sleep well tonight :B
like me 3 years ago:)

 for the very first time, you will wake up very early, with anxious and worried feelings,
 and you will go to school,
thinking about ur result.. 
and keep repeating "what if.... what if....." in ur head. .

but my advice,

just keep calm,

bear in mind that you had done your really best,

and no regrets,


✾◕‿◕✾H i d u p  m e s t i  d i t e r u s k a n✾◕‿◕✾

(and you will not die :p)

p/s:  i still remember those happy moments when i got 9As :3
& for sis Tarwiyah, wish u best of luck sweetie :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

List of favourite cartoons i remember from my childhood until now:)

i want to list them, in case i forget :p

most of these, i remember them because of sad death, amazing musics, and sweet storyline:)
and cute characters too :D

1. Flower Angel (or Hana No Ko Lunlun)
2. Quest For Camelot
3.The Lion King 2
4.The Swan Princess
5. My Neighbour Totoro
6. Spirited Away
7. Sailormoon, (hehe)
8. Dragonball, (a must!)
9. Howls Moving Castle
10. The Cat Returns
12. ElDorado
13. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
14. A Bug's Life
15. Aristocats
16. A Bugs Life
17. Lilo and Stich
18. My little Pony
19. Carebears
20. Bambi
21. The 10th Kingdom (not a cartoon :B)

will update later, if i remember more >.<
i didnt remember the title of some cartoons.. argh. .

artwork of the day:)

im extremely bored sometimes at Sabah, 
so i grabbed the hotel's pen and notes, flipped over to the back and started to draw on it,:p

i remember once,
during school-time,
my teacher drew a BIGGG circle on my 'cute' drawing in my exercise book, HaHaa:D
i even buy exercise books specialized for drawings and 'contengan' only :p

here it is:)

her eyes are truly cute<3

OMG, so sweet. .she is the luckiest girl, ever:''D

for anyone who is single, or maybe in love, watch this,
it will really touch ur heart, deeply..

seriously envy this girl >.<

now thats a guy who is completely serious about love, until jannah:)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

ohh Sabah II :P

just came back from from Sabah :D felt so exhausted. .will upload the pics later:)

p/s: the Hotel i settled in for 3 nights was a 5Star hotel!! o.o!
gosh. .

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

old days:)

watching My Neighbor Totoro again after few years had passed. .
 even after many viewings, the movie's storyline and humors are still unbeatable~!

(mmg rugi sgt sape xtau movie ni><)

totoro :D

 even a real house of Mei and Satsuki was built for Expo 2005:D

wow :D

watching childhood movies just make you think of the good old days..
and also how matured you are now. . . :S

p/s: Spirited Away and The Cat Returns, here i come:D
it hurts to reject the person that loves you, but you dont:(

Monday, 12 December 2011

ohh Sabah:DD

finally go to Sabah this weekend:)
(well, because abah ada keje kt situ:p )

im quite scared of flights, so please pray for me and my family to be safe yaa:)

p/s: apa y ada kt Sabah? :O


Contest " I Love Flower" by hazanis

nyte everyone:)

omg, im joining a contest :D

well, thanks a lot to MissNabilaAzmi for tagging me:')
much muchos <3

--for more information, click on this banner---
"omg, she is cute >.<"

i had to go through all my pics to find pics with flowers, but alast.. found one that is.. um, 
during my childhood one.. 
i had no model-like pics to put here, but it is accepted, right??:p

here it is:)
guess which one is me:p

ahh, miss my childhood time :(

during my flower-photo-searching-like-mad-time,
i found my old drawings entitled 'flower angel', that i scanned but not coloring it, until now (@.@)
(lukisan pun buruk ag time ni  :O)

pssst... miss Hazanis, this is a bonus, ok?:) *wink wink*

just for you:)
ohh, and i tagged :

all the best guys:)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Friday-Rebecca Black (islamic cover)-- all muslim must listen to this:D

this song now have a completely different feel:)

as 1 commenter said:

have a different opinion? listen it urself:)

bored :O

anyone want to request a drawing from me?:3

sigh, completely bored right now >.<

Saturday, 10 December 2011


dunno what to update, actually. .
just want to write about myself. .hee:)

  • okay. .so  im the 2nd child in my family,

so, i always and always and always get picked by my older ( and younger) sis,

#feel like Greg Heffley
sometimes. .
meet  Greg Heffley>>
  • tend to be shy   (and over-shy, sometimes ),
  • had obtain some rare genes from my ancestors, (maybe)
that makes me the Odd-One-Out in my family. :'(
plus, people always thought im the eldest due to my fashion style :'((

want examples? ?

  • my other sisters are slim and can fit in any clothings, but me. .
. i had to think twice before buying clothes due to my, er, big bones, ,

  • have a quite chubby face,
  • have dry and sensitive skin that needs extensive care (why meeeeeeee?)

# nak rojak kejap la:p

mmg salah untuk fikir yang diri ni xde klebihan langsung.. (except melukis)
tapi kalau memang tu kenyataan. . 

pleasee mint .. dont hate yourself:(
adui.. camne ni, ,
sem baru da nak start, tp kyakinan diri hilang lesap:(

Friday, 9 December 2011

Is it true? o.O

Read this. . =,="

true science fact.. : when u wake up around 2,3 am without any reason.. There's around 80% chance that someone is staring at you... 


OMG. .

well, believe it or not. .>.<

Thursday, 8 December 2011

'genk cari blogger' segment":3

trying out, hehe:3

for more information, visit her blog:) (its a 'her', right?:p)

--->~genkcorner bloggie~

~deep in my heart ♥ ♥## 
(¯`•._.•[( i wish to find new friends )]•._.•´¯)

:) @ :O

special for Miszz Pinky:)

reading her blog, and read about her pain caused me to remember the pain i once had, so, somehow i feel like i need to support her somehow, so here it is:)

Dear Miss Pinky,

Heres a piece of advice let go when youre hurting too much, give up when love isnt enough, and move on when things arent like before. Surely there is someone out there who will love you more.<-- which is me :p

i just draw this on my instincts, and basic drafts, so, um , sorry for the rough outline:)

lastly, be strong:)

Nodame again:D

  looking for someone to be my Chiaki~ ♥ .i

                                                                                                                   i will be like this too:) ♥ .

another quote:)

"Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else, because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate :')"

"a good Boyfiee , who loves his girlfiee wont ever touch her, even a finger as long as he is not her husband :') 

 People , the lad who got him is really damn lucky:) ♥ ." 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

LOveyDovey Mood~



Love is not 'COUPLE' ..
Love is not  'I LOVE YOU ..
Love is not 'I MISS YOU '..
And love is not 'CAN I TOUCH YOU?'
Because it's all just lust n desire, ..
reject them immediately to avoid something bad happen,

and trust me:)

True Love is still out there somewhere~

much muchos~