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Monday, 12 December 2011

Contest " I Love Flower" by hazanis

nyte everyone:)

omg, im joining a contest :D

well, thanks a lot to MissNabilaAzmi for tagging me:')
much muchos <3

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"omg, she is cute >.<"

i had to go through all my pics to find pics with flowers, but alast.. found one that is.. um, 
during my childhood one.. 
i had no model-like pics to put here, but it is accepted, right??:p

here it is:)
guess which one is me:p

ahh, miss my childhood time :(

during my flower-photo-searching-like-mad-time,
i found my old drawings entitled 'flower angel', that i scanned but not coloring it, until now (@.@)
(lukisan pun buruk ag time ni  :O)

pssst... miss Hazanis, this is a bonus, ok?:) *wink wink*

just for you:)
ohh, and i tagged :

all the best guys:)

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iyou said...

goodluck dear^^