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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Toy Story 3 touches my heart:'3

ever wonder where your toys had gone? o,o

after watching this, i always wonder if my toys do talk behind my back XD
its pretty hilarious, to think about it again..

still, this movie bring a lot of tears,

especially the scene where Andy gave Woody to Bonnie..(i miss Andy when he is small :( )

even i feel the hard and sad feeling of letting my toys go. . >.<

but we grow up through time.. and well, it's time to move on :'o

but, ,i miss my toys ,barbies, polly pockets, . . .
though i'm 18..

p/s:  Andy is soo handsome when he is 17 years old:p


-->i know, i know, ,
although im 18,
my mind is not matured fully yet:p

i hope im not alone :)

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