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Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to "Blogwalking" <--mystyle, okay?

there are many styles of blogwalking (maybe),
and you maybe have your own,

but this is mine, teehee:)

1. 'SMARTTAG' style :p

- i click on a blog link,
scroll up and down until my eyes roll..
then laugh@cry@vomit@ [whatever]
if done, just leave :B

((but i don't always use this one, this is blogwalking LIKE A BOSS :3 ))

2. 'TOUCH n GO' style :pp

-i click on a blog link,

scroll up and down until my eyes roll  [again]..
then laugh@cry@vomit@ [whatever]
leave a message @ comment @ link at his/her blog,
if done,  leave :B

3. 'who is the LUCKY one?' style :pp

-there are 2 methods for this one:)

1. use the touch n go style,
after leave message @ comment @ link at his/her chatbox,
click on the lucky person who had already commented at his@her chatbox,
then repeat, and repeat, and repeat the steps again :3

--(i favor this one:DD) 

2. after checking my own blog, 
(well, see the 'NEXT BLOG' button on top of your blog?)
click on NEXT BLOG, and see who is the lucky blog next :3
but, i always get some (lucky) weird blog,
 well,just sometimes.,
no offence, okay:)

p/s: this post is stupid, actually,
im bored.  :(

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