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Monday, 19 December 2011

List of favourite cartoons i remember from my childhood until now:)

i want to list them, in case i forget :p

most of these, i remember them because of sad death, amazing musics, and sweet storyline:)
and cute characters too :D

1. Flower Angel (or Hana No Ko Lunlun)
2. Quest For Camelot
3.The Lion King 2
4.The Swan Princess
5. My Neighbour Totoro
6. Spirited Away
7. Sailormoon, (hehe)
8. Dragonball, (a must!)
9. Howls Moving Castle
10. The Cat Returns
12. ElDorado
13. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
14. A Bug's Life
15. Aristocats
16. A Bugs Life
17. Lilo and Stich
18. My little Pony
19. Carebears
20. Bambi
21. The 10th Kingdom (not a cartoon :B)

will update later, if i remember more >.<
i didnt remember the title of some cartoons.. argh. .

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