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Monday, 21 November 2011

Runningman addicted:)

Runningman is one of the famous variety shows in Korea, 

, its popularity seems to spread all over asian and the western too:)

recently i had watch episode 63, the special one with the girls from SNSD,

its quite sad because Ace Ji Hyo cant come to the set because of fatigue, 

but still this episode brings so much laughter:)

i had to admit, at the beginning of the episode, 
Lee Kwang Soo's 'melancholic' gaze do make my heart skipped a bit:) but the dance..

hmm.. .. ..><

the couples that caught my eye:) 

the Cyborg couple, Jaesuk n Yoona,
pretty much like a cyborg lol

the Shy Shy couple, Kwang Soo n Yuri

the CUte n Childlish couple, Haha n Taeyeon
well,Haha , u chose the wrong lacy shirt:p

well, its quite a pity that Hyoyeon had to pair up with Ji Suk Jin, sheesh. . . 
.Jessica is, maybe over aegyo, i think :3

during the karaoke mission, i noticed that Lee Kwang Soo's leg is wounded, i mean,
very BADLY wounded,
look at the pics, and focus on his knees :0

Kwangsoo ran to the back to cover his wounds >.<

maybe the effect from his accident earlier. . pity him >.<
kwangsoo: oh NOOOOO. .
hope he will be better soon. .:)

##had watched episode 64 and 65, now waiting for 66,where Joong Ki is back:D for 1 episode only
. .hmm..
n 68, where The Runningman Hunter is back for more :DD

#great thanks to iSUBS for the translations:DD
one day when i finally fluent in Korean, i will join the translation group:3#

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