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Monday, 14 November 2011

how to use Adobe Photoshop:) basics~

k, adobe photoshop is quite hard to use for the one who isnt mastering  it, but dont feel upset if you cant master all of it :) well, practice makes perfect~~

otherwise, you can just play around and test every single thing slowly, to familiarize with the keyword,the controls, and the effects.

 i am not good enough too, and still practicing. . :)

by just playing with the brushes, you can create picture that is kind of.. abstract,right? 
for example, the pic below is one of my 'just playing' picture, and it is quite good for my desktop background. .
  why wont you make one of your art as your background? it totally feels good :D and boost your self confidence too:)

this symbolises rain, right?

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