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Monday, 14 November 2011

My banner:)

the banner is this picture:---:)

this is how i wished my friends good luck for the exams, by drawing a picture~
 i seldom draw using pen as i had not ..well,scored the technique yet.. but i will ,someday:p
its very common for me to draw on foolscap paper, or test pad during school time:)
some of my friends told me tht this picture resembles an aegyo korean face,haha:)
maybe because of the eyes. .maybe..

like this,maybe ? >.<

p/s: this is ME:p


nah,just kidding:)


Teh Limau Ais said...

mcm kenal je kertas tu...huhu

X.m.i.n.t.o.o.X said...

yup,of course;)