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Friday, 10 February 2012

5th winner at One Shot Drawing Contest:D

i hd entered a drawing contest. . just to try my luck ^^
its reeeally exciting as its my first time,
there are 29 contestants, [some sexy artworks are rejected:D good!]
and they only choose 5 winners,

guess what? in my first try.. i luckily got number 5!! *sobsobs*. .
thanks ^V^


The Result for the events progress!!

1.John Suplex 10 votes

2.Sarjan Blues 13 votes

3.Afiq Nii Sama 21 votes --->4

4.Mohd Aiman Yusuf 14 votes

5.Syafiq Iberahim 26 votes --->1

6.Karmen Leong 8 votes

7.Algonquins Petite 10 votes

8.Muhamad Illias 8 votes

9.Nori Maysuyama 10 votes

10.Keichi Sonozaki 10 votes

11.Ayz Azy 18 votes

12.R-Ryel Linkent Park 10 votes

13.Yasmin Ismail 19 votes --->5

14.Foxyne Sofwanah 18 votes

15.Azrul Mohamad 9 votes

16.Roxas Cutes 17 votes

17.Natsu Tohru 7 votes

18.Hakim Chan 15 votes

19.Zul Hel Mey 8 votes

20.Maizatul Athirah 11 votes

21.Riozer Sketcher 18 votes

22.Toshio Sky 8 votes

23.Emiree Rahim 9 votes

24.Bgone Mia 8 votes

25.Apipmeteur 24 votes --->2

26.Emerald Durian 22 votes --->3

27.Ayie Firhan 13 votes

28.Miyuki Geyuad Hanaii 8 votes

29.Muhammad Safwan 10 votes

and this is what i submitted:
i name it.. the technicolour phase :D
gonna join it again someday^^


izzah jaffar said...

wahhh congratz! mane nk update contest2 mcm ni?

Outbound Malang said...

salam super sahabat,
tetap semangat dan sukses selalu ya
ditunggu kunjungan baliknya :)